Patient advocacy groups, medical societies, or other organizations with clinician or patient education health tools

QC-Health® collaborates with other organizations to offer resources to doctors, nurses, and other clinicians within their EHR system. Our aim is to help clinicians better manage patients within their clinical workflow, or help direct patients to additional relevant sources of information.

If your organization currently has education or resources that you are looking to distribute to a wider audience and/or to put into a format accessible to EHR systems, then there may be an opportunity to collaborate.

  • Examples of provider materials: a calculator (or link to a calculator), checklists, counseling sheets, diagnostic help, evidence-based treatment plans, etc
  • Examples of patient materials: disease education, a sheet of resources or links or info about your patient community, considerations about treatment options, shared decision-making tools, etc

Resources that QC-Health® accepts from our collaborating partners must meet the following criteria:

  • Patient education must be written at a 4th- to 6th-grade reading level.
  • All content must be fully referenced from evidence-based sources.
  • Materials must be reviewed and signed off on by 1 medical doctor at minimum, but preferably a panel of doctors who are experts in the subject matter.
  • Your group must commit to reviewing the materials on an annual basis and keeping them up to date for a minimum of 3 years.

Our QC-Health® team will bundle your supplied resources together into an “Outcome Guided Engagement™,” or “OGE™.” Each OGE includes 3 to 5 pieces of content for the provider, or for the provider to give to the patient.  You can see a picture of what this looks like on the Web site at the bottom of the home page.

QC-Health® individually reviews each request to collaborate and is under no obligation to work with any group or individual. If you or your company intend to use the OGE for commercial purposes, then a sponsorship arrangement would be more appropriate.

Let’s collaborate!