QC-MyMeds solutions are designed for:

  • Employer on-site providers or case managers to help their employees and families better manage their disease and medication utilization in a confidential manner. The service identifies and supports the management of employees and their families at risk.
  • Direct Primary Care Physicians (DPCs)
  • Provider organizations with at-risk contracts or those who are working toward the capacity to obtain at-risk contracts
  • Provider organizations aspiring to direct contract with employers

QC-MyMeds solutions bundle together evidence-based patient engagement tools and corresponding clinician resources that support quality care. These programs can:

  • Help DPC and on-site providers help patients, and collect data needed to market that success to employers or other payers
  • Reinforce an employer’s support for employees
  • Empower employees/patients to help manage their own care
  • Stimulate dialogue and encourage collaboration between employees and health care providers
  • Strengthen the common goal of improved outcomes

QC-MyMeds programs are perfect for employers and/or health care providers at an on-site clinic (physicians, nurses, case managers) who directly engage with employees.

QC-MyMeds Hub

How a QC-MyMeds Hub Works

Download the Hub file onto your desktop, iPad, or mobile phone.

You now have access to all the components of that particular QC-MyMeds program at your fingertips.

Check the box next to the title of the tool to select it. You can now view the tool by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
Read more about the tool by clicking on the caret symbol.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the Hub to:

Email: Selecting several health tools at once automatically creates URL links to be sent via a single email to a patient.

View/Print: Selecting several health tools at once automatically copies them into one file that can be viewed/printed as a handout for patients.

Copy Link: Select health tools to post into a patient portal.