Outcome Guided Engagements (OGEs®) bundle together FREE evidence-based patient engagement tools and corresponding provider resources that support reducing unnecessary variability in care. Because the OGE can be easily integrated in EHR systems, and even an organization’s Web site, these resources are delivered within the clinical workflow, at the point of care. OGEs can:

  • Be used before, during, and after telehealth appointments to inform patients and their caregivers
  • Reinforce your organization’s support for the patient
  • Empower patients to help manage their own care
  • Stimulate dialogue and encourage collaboration between patient and care team
  • Strengthen the common goal of improved outcomes

OGEs are perfect for physicians, nurses, case managers, and other health care providers who directly engage with patients.

How an OGE Works

OGE Title: Pinpoints appropriate patient at a specific point in care journey

1. DESIRED OUTCOMES: The goal of the OGE

2. PATIENT ENGAGEMENT: How the provider can engage/collaborate with the patient on disease management

PATIENT TOOLS: Support the discussion in #2

PROVIDER TOOLS: Support the discussion in #2

3. FOLLOW-UP: Convenient reminder to follow up

4. Save the OGE will let you save a copy of the OGE to your desktop. This will save an image with the specific tools that you have selected for your patient. You can then upload the image into your patient EHR record as documentation.

Print: Selecting several health tools at once automatically copies them into one file that can be printed as a handout for patients.

Copy Link: Select health tools to post into a patient portal.

Send Email: Selecting several health tools at once automatically creates URL links to be sent via a single email to a patient.