• Make patient visits more meaningful

    QC-Health®, Inc. provides health tools that align with
    evidence-based care plans for the best possible patient outcomes.

  • Empower your patients to self-manage after their visit

    QC-Health® offers Outcome Guided Engagements™ that provide the right tools for the right moment in time.

  • Get instant access to support tools for your patients

    Outcome Guided Engagements can easily be embedded in your EHR system and are available on your mobile device.

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QC-Health® is a cause-driven benefit corporation.

We founded QC-Health® to do our part to help improve the American health care system. We aim to break rehospitalization cycles, improve patient outcomes of care management, and reduce dollars wasted on low-value care.

QC-Health® offers FREE EHR-agnostic health tools that align with evidence-based care plans. Our hope is to help health care providers working hard every day to improve the lives of their patients.

Outcome Guided Engagements are unique and:

  • Drive measurable outcomes for health systems and align to an evidence-based care plan
  • Bundle appropriate tools together for quick and easy distribution by the provider
  • Encourage follow-up
  • Store your engagement

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